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Relationship Between COD and TOC of Typical Wastewaters in Jilin Province and Mechanism and Main Influencing Factors

DONG De-ming, SONG Xing, HUA Xiu-yi, YUAN Mao, LIANG Jian-hai, GUO Zhi-yong, LIANG Da-peng   

  1. Key Lab of Groundwater Resources and Environment of Ministry of Education/ Key Lab of Water Resources and Aquatic Environment of Jilin Province/College of Environment and Resources, Jilin University, Changchun130012, China
  • Received:2012-03-26 Online:2012-09-26 Published:2012-09-26


Chemical oxygen demand(COD) and total organic carbon(TOC) of typical wastewaters in Jilin Province were investigated. The possibilities of establishing linear regression equations were studied through analyzing relationship between COD contents and TOC contents of wastewaters. Based on this, influences of volatility and oxidization properties of organic compounds on relationship between COD contents and TOC contents of the wastewaters were discussed via analyzing organic compounds of some wastewaters. The mechanisms of the relationship of wastewaters were discussed. The results indicated that there were significant linear correlations between COD contents and TOC contents of all the samples of the typical wastewaters(α≤0.050). The range of COD/TOC of all kinds of wastewaters were from 1.711 to 12.280. The relationship was mainly controlled by the composition of the wastewaters. Elemental composition of the typical organic pollutants in the wastewaters played a key role in determining the correlations between COD contents and TOC contents of the wastewaters. The volatility and oxidization properties of the main organic pollutants in the waters also played important but divers roles in these correlations and the ratios of COD to TOC of the wastewater samples.

Key words: wastewater, chemical oxygen demand, total organic carbon, relationship, organic pollutants

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