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Design and analysis of refrigeration system supplied by solar auxiliary power of refrigerator car

HE Ren(),YANG Liu,HU Dong-hai   

  1. School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang 212013, China
  • Received:2017-07-19 Online:2018-11-20 Published:2018-12-11


Engine as the power source of refrigeration system during the night/midway parking causes large energy consumption and much exhaust emission. To solve this problem, a refrigeration system supplied by solar auxiliary power of refrigerator car was proposed. The dynamic mathematical model was established and matching methods of the system were proposed. The effectiveness of the model was verified by experiments and the cooling performance of the solar auxiliary power was analyzed. The results show that the power generation of the system is able to supply the refrigerator for continuous operating for 4.45 h in a day. Temperature in the compartment needs about 580 s to drop from ambient temperature to the specified value at three typical driving speeds and then remains stable. Compared with the refrigeration effect of traditional refrigerator car, the system has remarkable energy-saving effect and increases the delivery range of the refrigerator car.

Key words: vehicle engineering, refrigerator car, solar auxiliary power, refrigeration system, matched design

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  • U469.6


Structure of refrigeration system"


Dynamic model of refrigerated container"


Three order dynamic model of accumulator"


Model of solar array"


Model of refrigerator"


Pressure-enthalpy diagram of refrigeration system"

Table 1

Fuzzy control rule"

温差 温差变化率
负大 正小 正大
负中 较小 较小 较小
负小 较小 中小 中小 中小 中小
正小 中大 中大 中大 中大 中大
正中 中大 较大 较大 较大 较大
正大 较大 较大


Fuzzy control output surface of compressor speed"

Table 2

Parameters of ZJL5046XLCA5 refrigerator car"

参数 数值
发动机型号 SC28R125Q5A
发动机排量/mL 2776
发动机额定功率/kW 92
箱体尺寸/mm×mm×mm 4195×2092×2203
车厢保温材料 聚氨酯
底盘型号 NJ1042ZFDCMZ


Electric refrigerator and controller"


Variation of solar radiation"


Output voltage of solar array in experiment and simulation"


Output power of solar array in experiment and simulation"


Output current of solar array in experiment and simulation"


Charge curve of accumulator"


Discharge curve of accumulator"


Variation of thermal load with vehicle speed"


Variation of compressor/motor power with thermal load"


Cooling simulation curves in the compartment at three driving speeds"


Cooling test curves of electric refrigerator and traditional refrigerator car"


Comparison of compressor speeds in different power sources"


Engine universal curve"

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